Samos 2016 Summit Keynote Speakers

Samos 2016 Summit Keynote Speakers

Lorenzo.jpg Mr. Lorenzo Madrid, Vice President at the Future Cities Institute, has over 30 years of working experience in the ICT industry, advising governments on proven strategies to transform citizen services and shape a connected and efficient government. Lorenzo currently works as a consultant, advising governments in the use of modern technologies for Smart Cities and Citizen Services. He is also a Fellow at CTG – Center for Technology in Government – State University of New York – Albany. On the private sector, Lorenzo worked 10 years in Microsoft, as its Technology Officer, advising several Governments around the world how to best use technologies to promote social economic development.

Ferro.jpg Dr. Enrico Ferro is the Head of Innovation Development Department at ISMB studying the economic, social and policy aspects pertaining to information and communication technologies (ICTs). Enrico also covers an adjunct professor role at the Polytechnic of Turin and at the International Labor Organization of the United Nations where he regularly lectures on innovation management and strategies in the public and in the private sector. He obtained a Philosophy Doctorate in Economics, Management and Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan (IT). His research interests lie at the overlaps of social sciences, telecommunications and information technology.

Johann.jpg Dr. Johann Höchtl is a research fellow at Danube University Krems, Center for e-Governance in Austria, where he teaches ICT and is mostly active in research projects involving the public administration and topics like e-Participation, Web 2.0 adoption and Open Government Data. He received a PhD from Vienna University of Technology with distinction for his thesis on an open government data infrastructure and his current research focus is in the domain of Open Data, the effects of ICT application in a connected society and semantic technologies. Johann is member of Open Government Data metadata working group and contributed to the finalization of DCAT-AP, the European metadata specification and has been member of OASIS SET technical committee.

Anna.jpg Ms. Anna Triantafillou is a Deputy Head and  Senior Project Manager at the Innovation Lab of Athens Technology Center (ATC). Currently, she is a PhD candidate in the field of Management Information Systems at the Department of Information and Communication Systems, University of the Aegean. Anna has worked as a Researcher for the City University, of London. She has more than 12 years of professional experience in the domain of Information Services as a Project Coordinator / Manager of European and National R&D projects. Her research interests’ lie in the fields of Systems Analysis, Enterprise level Modelling, eGovernment & eBusiness applications.

Anneke.jpg Dr. Anneke Zuiderwijk - Van Eijk is a post-doctoral researcher in the Information Communication Technology section of the Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Her Ph.D. dissertation was about Open Data Infrastructures. Her research interests include open data publication and use, open data ecosystems, socio-technical data infrastructures and platforms, virtual research environments, open data business models, open data policy analysis, Linked Open Data and metadata.

Charalabidis.jpg Prof. Yannis Charalabidis is Associate Professor in the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering of the University of Aegean. In parallel, he serves as Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of the University, designing and managing youth entrepreneurship activities, and Head of Information Systems Laboratory, coordinating policy making, research and pilot application projects for governments and enterprises worldwide. He has more than 20 years of experience in designing, implementing, managing and applying complex information systems as project manager, in Greece and Europe. He has been employed for 8 years as an executive director in SingularLogic Group, leading software development and company expansion in Greece, Eastern Europe, India and the US.

Loukis.jpg Prof. Euripides Loukis is Associate Professor of Information Systems & Decision Support Systems at the Department of Information & Communication Systems Engineering, University of the Aegean. Previously, he has been Professor at the Postgraduate Program of the National Academy of Public Administration in the area of e-Government, and also at the Postgraduate Program 'Athens MBA' of the National Technical University of Athens and the Athens University of Economics and Business, and at the University of Thessaly, in the area of Information Systems.  He has an extensive experience as Information Systems Advisor at the Ministry to the Presidency of the Government of Greece. Also he has been Technical Director of the Program of Modernization of Public Administration of the Second Community Support Framework, Technical Advisor of the Ministry of Culture and Sports for ICTs issues and National Representative of Greece in the programs ‘Telematics’ and ‘IDA’ (Interchange of Data between Administrations) of the European Union.

Maragkoudakis.jpg Dr. Manolis Maragoudakis is Assistant Professor in the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering of the University of Aegean with Data Mining as a field of expertise. He obtained his Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Patras. Currently, Manolis is the Departmental Coordinator for the Programme LLP/Erasmus within the University of the Aegean.

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