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13 - 17 July 2020

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The 10th Samos Summit on ICT-enabled Governance offers an unprecedented opportunity to see, interact with and influence cutting-edge Information and Communication Technologies research projects and initiatives. Attended by high caliber experts from research, administrations and enterprises worldwide, the Samos 2020 Summit focuses on the newest developments of ICT applications in the areas of digital governance, under the main headline.

Specific focus in this year’s summit will be given to the following areas of ICT-enabled governance, aiming at delivering high-level insights on the new roadmap for research and practice:
  • Future Public Services theoretical approaches and examples from all levels of public administration, especially combining societal citizens' knowledge and effort with information systems 
  • New technological evolutions in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Ledger Technologies, Bots and Agents, Data Mining, Internet of Services and Things, and more.
  • New models and tools for the open provision of legal data to citizens and businesses, through advances semantics, AI-based text mining, utilising High-Performance Computing 
  • New epistemological approaches for the main elements of Government 3.0, such as ontological resources and definitions, neighboring scientific domains, taxonomies of research topics, training curricula, future roadmaps, and foresight

The 10th Samos Summit will be held online, co-organised by the University of the Aegean / Information Systems Laboratory the Manylaws Project, the Government 3.0 Project, funded by the European Commission. Samos Summit is a collaborative, non-for-profit event.