Agenda of Thursday

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Thursday 5 July 2018
10.00 11.30
e-Government Assessment
This lecture will analyze the increasingly important topic of assessment and evaluation in e-government. Different models, methodologies and approaches will be presented.
Dimitris Sarantis, Researcher, United Nations University, PT

Coffee Break
12.00 13.30
Emerging importance of cyber-physical systems (CPS) in today's society. Workshop to interactively discuss drivers and barriers of CPS for e-participation approaches.
Thomas J. Lampoltshammer, Scientist, Danube University Krems, AU

14.30 16.00
How the emerging technologies change the way people participate politically. Linked open data, AI, social bots, personalised and customised public services. Based on research of WP1 and WP2 of the project.
Alexander Ronzhyn, Researcher, Nationale E-Government Kompetenzzentrum, DE
16.00 16.30
Coffee Break
16.30 18.00
From eGov 2.0 to eGov 3.0: The Research Agenda
The research agenda of the eGov area will be discussed in this session, focusing on innovative ideas and directions for its advancement from the eGov 2.0 to a new eGov 3.0 paradigm.
Yannis Charalabidis, University of the Aegean, Greece

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