Samos 2013 Summit Scope and Objectives

The 4th Samos Summit, on Digital Innovation for Government, Business and Society offers an unprecedented opportunity to see, interact with and influence cutting-edge European ICT research projects and initiatives.  Attended by high caliber experts from research, administrations and enterprises, the Samos 2013 Summit focuses on the newest developments of Information and Communication Technologies and innovative applications in the context of the public and private sector.

The Samos 2013 Summit is co-organised by the University of Aegean, the Greek Interoperability Centre of the National Technical University of Athens, the ENGAGE eInfrastructures project on Open Data, the NOMAD and PADGETS projects on Social Media policy making (co-funded by the European Commission).

The Samos 2013 Summit is held in Doryssa Hotel, in Pythagorion, Samos on 1st – 5th July 2013. 

In conjunction with this year’s Summit, the Summer School on Open andCollaborative Governance from 1st – 6th July in Doryssa Hotel, offers the possibility to younger members of the research community to enjoy tutorials, project workshops and experts panels on how ICT transforms governance and policy making.

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