The Samos 2011 Summit Declaration

 Samos 2011 Summit
On Future Internet for Enterprises and Society

Samos, Greece, 6th July 2011

We, the participants of the Samos 2011 Summit on “Future Internet: The Power to Change Society, being active citizens, members of the academic and industrial communities, members of SMEs and researchers of Future Internet Enterprise Systems, Information Technology and Social Sciences.


that knowledge and innovation are important means for tackling the global economic crisis while also being predominantly a key factor for sustainable economic growth and competitive advantage of enterprises;

that today’s global challenges are complex in nature, characterised by non-linear development, cascade spreading and unpredictability (as seen in financial crisis, volcano ash cloud, epidemic spreading, large-scale blackouts), therefore requiring the collaborative effort of scientists, private and public institutions, and citizens;

the strategic importance of information and communication technologies in dealing with complexity and unpredictability, establishing and ensuring open and competitive economies;

the global context of the development of information society, which necessitates the transcendence of national horizons into transnational collaboration schemes and programmes across disciplines;


the European Digital Agenda 2020, which strives to foster information society development and to provide the building blocks for sustainable growth, for all citizens and businesses;

the Innovation Union, that brings innovation forward as the best means of successfully tackling major societal challenges, which are becoming more urgent by the day;

the European Framework Programme for research and innovation, which provides an evolving constitutional agenda for supporting scientific research and pre-competitive industrial development on information and communication technologies, social sciences, energy and environment, education and sustainable development;

the FInES Cluster Position Paper, that summarizes the FInES Cluster vision to ensure that the full potential of the Future Internet is accessible to, relevant for, and put to use by European enterprises including SMEs;

the FInES Position Paper on Orientations for FP8 promoting a European Innovation Partnership for Catalysing the Competitiveness of European Enterprises.

We call upon:

the United Nations, the European Parliament, the European Union Presidency and Council of Ministers, the European Commission, National Governments, international organisations and NGO’s, elected representatives and decision makers within the industry, SMEs and every active citizen


Support research and innovation in the domain of Future Internet systems and services in the factory, in the enterprise and within a connected, inclusive society, in order to empower them in their quest for high quality, ubiquitous digital services and products

Foster collaboration among scientific communities, industry, SMEs and citizens, towards an open, coordinated and effective global business ecosystem

Embrace and apply the results of ICT research and innovation in everyday business, to drastically increase enterprises’ and factories’ prosperity

Endorse and promote the Enterprise Interoperability Science Base development, for cultivating the path towards the identification and solving of problems for enterprises and society

Collaborate towards the further elaboration, adoption and pursue of the Research  Challenges of the FInES Cluster Research Roadmap.

In light of the above considerations, we have gathered at the Samos 2011 Summit on “Future Internet: The Power to Change Society, and now call on all institutions and individuals addressed above, to take decisive steps at global, European, regional and local level, regarding the development and adoption of new and advanced ICT solutions for innovative and competitive enterprises and factories - thereby providing the means for a proper response to the challenges of the future.

Samos Summit Participants
6th July 2011, Samos, Greece

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